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Becoming Omaha's Premier Siding & Painting Contractor

Scott's Painting & Staining Inc. is a Professional Omaha Painting and Carpentry company which Specializes in Residential Siding Repair Services, Siding Replacement Services, Exterior Painting Services and offers Interior Painting Services as well. Owner Scott Paskewitz founded the business in May 1991 and has become a top choice for Omaha Painters.

Scott Paskewitz at the Omaha Fall Home Show Booth
Figure 1. Owner - Scott Paskewitz - 1st Omaha Home Show Fall of 2002

Scott began painting house trim for friends and family in 1986. Around that time, you may have seen Scott out and about in the Omaha metro area, painting addresses on curbs to earn money for college. In talking with homeowners, Scott found that many were looking for motivated college students to help paint their homes at a reasonable cost. So, when Scott began college in 1991, he found the perfect opportunity to turn something he loved into a business that would help him work through college debt-free.

Throughout the first year of college, Scott talked to homeowners looking to have their homes painted. With his background in residential painting and automotive finishes, Scott was able to build a customer base quickly in his first year of business. He learned the trades from his father, who was a lifelong contractor as well. In subsequent years, work began to flow in through word of mouth due to the quality of workmanship and value Scott provided. We can help guide you through the best paint selection process. To see our customer compliments, please Visit our Reviews page

As Scott began working on newer (1980+) homes with hardboard siding, he quickly saw the need to repair rotted siding, rotting trim, and deteriorating windows and window sills. Many other painters would simply caulk over, putty, or skip repair work on bad siding, trim, and windows, just to get the paint job completed and move on to the next job. This is because they would have to stop the painting, find and hire a carpenter, and wait to complete their part of the job, causing delays in their paint schedule. This lack of "customer-first" thinking and not stopping mid-job to fix unforeseen issues by other contractors was never something that Scott would accept. There are many painting contractors today that have tried to fill this niche. However, unlike Scott's Painting & Staining Inc., where we employ both paint and carpenter tradesmen, many companies try to use unqualified painters to perform both trades. Click here for more information on siding replacement.

Scott's Automotive Paint Finish Skills
Figure 2. 3rd Automotive Paint Finish - Candy Apple Red 1969 Buick Skylark Gran Sport

When Scott began offering services to replace bad siding, trim, and windows that were discovered while preparing the house for painting, he was setting himself apart from the competition. Even today, this is what Scott's Painting & Staining Inc. specializes in: providing full carpentry services for all types of siding, ranging from partial siding repairs to entire house siding replacement. With 30+ years of experience, Scott's Painting can often identify most siding, trim, and window issues during the estimate. However, any additional issues uncovered while preparing a home for painting will quickly be brought to the attention of the homeowner to determine the best course of action. Ask Scott about Fiber Cement Siding, the ultimate siding, and the advantages of PVC Trim or Vinyl Trim, all of which will last the life of your home.

Save when Repairing your home's Siding, Trim or Windows!

Since 1991, Scott’s Painting & Staining Inc. has helped thousands of homeowners rejuvenate their homes. Whether it is repairing siding, trim, or windows that are in disarray, preparing their house for sale, or staying on top of maintaining their home’s beauty, we offer a wide array of options to fit your project and budget. We hope that you will select Scott’s Painting & Staining Inc. for your next home painting or carpentry project.

We help you SAVE in many different ways:

  • TIME - don't have to search for 2 different contractors.
  • FRUSTRATION - won't have to wait weeks between carpentry repairs and house painting.
  • MONEY - not paying multiple contractor trip charges, deposits, or minimum payments (for small jobs).
  • REWORK - carpentry installation and preparation are done properly the first time, prior to painting.

Scott is a Nebraska Nebraska Cornhuskers Fan fan and has 2 degrees from UNL

  • Holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
  • Holds a Masters in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
  • Began restoring and repainting classic automobiles at the age of 13.
  • Father was an Omaha Contractor for over 40 years.