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Papillion, NE 68046

Key:  RED is before,  GREEN is after,  Click on Photo to Enlarge

mckenna_before_splatter.jpg (46942 bytes)

Bedroom before drywall work and priming to keep the colors from bleeding through.

mckenna_before_den.jpg (37993 bytes)

Original office color.

mckenna_before_office.jpg (20976 bytes)

Previous 2-tone colored walls.

mckenna_after_splatter.jpg (38502 bytes)

After with a Blue Splatter Faux Finish.  Splatter colors were matched to the colors in the bed.

mckenna_after_den.jpg (37390 bytes)

Repainted office with Sherwin Williams Interior SuperPaint.

mckenna_after_office.jpg (28245 bytes)

Repainted solid color walls.