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Bellevue, NE 68157

Key:  RED is before,  GREEN is after,  Click on Photo to Enlarge

chimney_before.jpg (32930 bytes)

Rotting chimney.  Notice the bottom edges of the top and bottom panels are bubbled up, indicating water damage.

roof_before.jpg (37778 bytes)

Most chimney rotting is due to water entering near the edge of the gutter.  The side of the chimney above the roof usually is missing the proper flashing.

side_before.jpg (40546 bytes)

Side view of rotted chimney.  Scott's Painting will also add flashing where needed to prevent future damage.


chimney_after.jpg (37868 bytes)

New siding, prior to repainting.  New cedar trim was also used.


roof_after.jpg (39582 bytes)

Notice the additional flashing that was added to prevent any water from entering near the gutters.

side_after.jpg (44933 bytes)

Rebuilt chimney prior to priming and painting.  Every joint is caulked and sealed.