How to Identify Weyerhaeuser Siding

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What is Weyerhaeuser hardboard siding?

Weyerhaeuser brand hardboard siding is an exterior composite wood siding made from wood fiber mixed primarily with resin and wax and pressed under extreme pressure and heat into dense panels. Using different plate designs, these panels can have different textures. The panels can then be cut into long horizontal lap siding, or into sheets to make panel siding.

Most Weyerhaeuser hardboard siding is designed with a cedar wood-grain texture. Other textures include a stucco texture, smooth lap siding, a cedar shake texture or a cross-sawn wood texture. Since these textures are very realistic, it can be difficult to tell them apart from other kinds of siding.

Weyerhaeuser brand lap siding: Weyerhaeuser brand hardboard lap siding was available in 16’ lengths. Each board is either 7/16" or 1/2" thick and was available in 6", 8", 9-1/2", 10-1/2", 12" or 16" widths. Lap siding is installed horizontally starting at the bottom of the wall with each successive lap course lapped over the course below it. Weyerhaeuser brand lap siding can have either a wood texture or a smooth surface texture. The bottom edges of the lap siding can be slightly rounded or (more commonly) cut on a 15-degree angle.


Weyerhaeuser hardboard siding was available in a variety of textures.  Some examples of common Weyerhaeuser hardboard siding textures are shown below.

Old Mill Lap

OLD MILL LAP (Cedar Wood Grain)

Cedar Shake Lap


Cottage Lap


Weyerhaeuser brand panel siding: Weyerhaeuser brand hardboard panel siding was available in 4' x 8' or 4' x 9' sheets.  Each panel is either 7/16" or 1/2" thick. The panels generally have vertical grooves , most commonly spaced 8" on center.  However the grooves also can be spaced 4" on center or 12" center. The groove can be a 3/8" striated groove, such as those found on T-111 plywood, a smooth cut 3/4" groove, a 3/8" smooth U-groove, or a 1-1/2" wide smooth "reverse batten" groove.  Almost all Weyerhaeuser brand siding panels have a rough cedar wood texture with a few having cross-sawn wood texture or "Adobe" texture, which looks like a stucco wall and has no vertical grooves.

Adobe Panel

ADOBE PANEL (Stucco Texture)

Old Mill 808 Panel

OLD MILL 808 PANEL (Cedar Texture-3/8" Striated Groove)



Look for repeating features of the texture, such as distinctive knots that are spaced 61" apart measured horizontally on lap siding and measured vertically on panel siding. Knots are approximately 1 ½" to 2" wide.  •Look for a "double knot" feature with two non-identical knots approximately 12 1/8" apart measured from the center of each knot. Remember, identical features are spaced 61" apart.

Length between knots


•If you can see the back of the siding, the non-painted back side is a light pine color and most siding carries a back-stamp that contains the marking "AHA 10" or "AHA 20."  Cottage lap siding, a 16" wide "drop siding" has a concave horizontal groove or grooves with a distinctive continuous slight convex "bump" within the groove, as opposed to a purely concave "cove" groove. The horizontal machined grooves in Cottage lap "drop siding" give the appearance of two, three, or four laps on one individual 16" board. (See photo on reverse side).  Standard horizontal lap has a 15-degree beveled drip edge.  •Ask your builder, home improvement center or lumber dealer.  If you saw or can see the factory primer coat, it is tan.


Under the proposed claims process that will begin in 2001 after final approval by the Court of the nationwide class action settlement, if you are unable to determine whether you have Weyerhaeuser brand hardboard siding, you may submit a siding sample or a check for $150 to the independent claims administrator. For further information, refer to the mailed notice.